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Voice and Data Solutions:

• AMP MT-RJ Fibre Optic Solarum System

• 3M Volition (Fibre Optic)

• Category 5e, 6, 6e UTP Solutions (up to 600Mhz)

• Wireless Data Solutions

• Telephone System Service

• Outside plant, construction /maintenance, (fibre optic / copper)

• Licensed Electrical Services


Consulting and Design:

• Optical Fibre

• UTP - Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6e

• Wireless

• Indoor / outdoor

• Aerial / underground

• LAN furniture, cabinets and racks

• Assist clients in the planning and budgeting stages

• Prepare present & future needs assessment

• Write cabling system specification

• Prepare floor plan drawings






Century 2K has established a significant record of accomplishment in the creating of cabling systems for industrial and marine applications. With successful deployment of LAN and other systems for offshore oil production platforms, other vessels, a shipyard, an oil refinery and other industrial clients, we have developed a solid background in the challenges unique to industrial and marine environments. In addition, we offer a range of other data communications devices, including hubs & switches, racks & cabinets, and UPS systems for networks.

In addition to an extensive background in data cabling systems, Century 2K is also experienced in voice communications systems including Centrex, PBX and Digital Key Systems. Our voice communications products also include wireless phone systems, tele-conference and video communications devices.


Combined with our data solutions, Century 2K offers clients the ability to work with a single source for all of their communications infrastructure needs.



Century 2K offers a one-stop shop for our clients, including not only systems design and materials, but also complete construction services. We have completed hundreds of projects and have developed the range of expertise required to coordinate and implement construction projects that deliver high-quality results on time and within budget.


Century 2K offers underground and aerial placement, cable pulling, facilities construction and build outs as well as emergency restoration.


Tel: (709) 747-8501



Fax: (709) 747-8502

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